I’m off now, before my feelings are getting too strong.

Please, have a good day/night today. I love all of you, don’t forget that. I may be irritating, I may be irritating you with me behaviour and attention seeking things, but that only means I’d love to be friends with you.

I’ll be at msn, hit me up if you want. Keytty-@hotmail.com

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Yah. Don't ever think of letting me in an empty bedroom while you're playing around. I don't want you to go if I can do you those last night things. If I have the oppotunity I want to push you against this door I locked before. I want to play with my fingers on your body, letting my tongue licks all your spots. I can't speak so much on your askbox, but remember that I want to feel you fingers scratching my skin, while you beg me for those stronger thrusts, moaning with these sweetie voice.

Aish.. I don’t know if I can publish this.. But I want to read it later on, reading it over and over again.. So I’ll just do it. Hmpf, making me hot at this hour. Kekeke~

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